CCGx FAQs - KBA97244

Version: *C



What do the family names CCG1/CCG2/CCG3/CCG4 stand for? 



CCG1, CCG2, CCG3 and CCG4 are Cypress’s USB Type-C Controller Generation 1/ Generation 2 device families.


Question: What is Electronically Marked Cable Assembly (EMCA)?

Answer: EMCA is a USB cable with an IC that reports the cable characteristics (for example, current rating) to Type-C ports.


Question: What are DFP, DRP, and UFP?

Answer: Downstream Facing Port (DFP) is a USB Type-C port on a Host or a Hub to which devices are connected. Upstream Facing Port (UFP) is a USB Type-C port on a device or a Hub that connects to a Host or DFP of a Hub. Dual Role Port (DRP) is a USB Type-C port that can operate as a DFP or UFP.
Note: DRP and USB-PD DRP differ from each other. USB-PD DRP refers to the port’s power role (can act as both power source and sink). 


Question: What packages are CCGx devices available in? 

Answer: CCG1 devices are available in the following packages:

  • 35-pin WLCSP (6.8 mm2 )
  •  40-pin QFN (36 mm2 )
  •  16-pin SOIC (60 mm2 )

CCG2 devices are available in the following packages:

  •  20-pin WLCSP (3.3 mm2 )
  •  24-pin QFN (16 mm2 )
  •  14-pin DFN (8.7 mm2 )

CCG3 devices are available in the following packages: 

  • 40-pin QFN (36 mm2 )
  • 32-pin QFN (25 mm2
  • 42-pin WLCSP (8.4 mm2 )

CCG4 devices are available in the following packages: 

  • 40-pin QFN (36 mm2


Question: Is the source code available for CCGx devices? If not, how can I modify the firmware?

Answer: Yes the source code for some CCGx applications is open. Cypress has developed a SDK for the CCGx devices. The SDK is available for applications such as notebooks, power adapters, mobiles, Charge through dongles and DP dongle. The SDK includes a base firmware library, tools, and documentation for customizing the code for applications, example code for applications, bootloader for in-system firmware update, and tools for customizing vendor IDs and profiles. The SDK is available on the following link For any queries you can always create a forum thread in our community


Question: Which is the IDE that I can use with CCGx? What are the capabilities of the IDE? 

Answer: CCGx is supported in PSoC® Creator™ along with the SDK. The IDE can be used to configure the GPIOs and ADCs.


Question: What are the alternate modes supported by CCGX firmware?

Answer: CCGx firmware supports DisplayPort (DP) Alternate mode. For any queries you can always create a forum thread in our community


Question: What are the CCGx Manufacturing Part Numbers (MPNs) recommended for various applications? Why are there different MPNs?

Answer: Refer to the Ordering Information section of the CCG1 datasheet, CCG2 datasheet, CCG3 Datasheet and CCG4 Datasheet. Each application needs different features implemented and therefore needs different MPNs.


Question: Is the receptacle-based Type-C to DisplayPort solution supported?

Answer: No, the receptacle-based Type-C to DisplayPort solution is not supported due to lack of signal integrity budget in a DisplayPort system because DisplayPort cable uses entire SI budget. Therefore, Type-C to DP/mDP designs will have plugs on both ends and no DP/mDP receptacle.


Question: Which version of the USB PD Specification do CCGx comply with?

Answer: CCG1 and CCG2 is compliant with USB PD 2.0 and CCG3 and CCG4 are compliant with USB PD 3.0 Specification.  


Question: What is the Cypress roadmap for USB Type-C products?

Answer: Cypress is committed to USB Type-C and has CCG3PA and CCG5 under development. The roadmap can be found here.


Question: Is there an alternative mechanism to validate Firmware other than checksum?

Answer: Yes. You can read back the firmware after writing it to the device and revalidate it.


Question: What is CCGx’s capability in USB Type-C with Power Delivery?

Answer: CCGx acts as a USB Type-C controller that can do the following: 

  1. Detect the orientation of the Type-C plug and reroute the signals.
  2. Manage the power contract negotiation between the Provider and Consumer in a USB PD setup.
  3. Support simultaneous Display and Data signals.
  4. Negotiate Alternate modes. 


Question: Does Cypress provide MTK for CCGx applications?

Answer: Cypress provides an MTK for CCGx cable applications. Contact Cypress technical support for CCGx MTK.


Question: How can I establish communication between a legacy PC (without Type-C port) and CCG1 in the CY4501 DVK host board?

Answer: CY4501 DVK consists of an onboard USB-Serial Bridge controller, which can be configured as USB-to-I2C Bridge. The USBSerial controller acts as a bridge between the PC’s USB interface and CCG1’s I2C interface. See the “Programming over I2C” section in EZ-PD Device Configuration Utility user manual for more details about this hardware and software setup.