Can Cypress 3.0 V Flash Memory with 'Low VCC Lock-out Voltage' Operate at a VCC Level of 2.5 V? – KBA203380

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    Translation - Japanese: VCCロックアウト電圧(VLKO)” の定義があるCypress 3V Flash MemoryはVCC 2.5Vで動作しますか? - KBA203380- Community Translated (JA)



    Can Cypress 3.0V FLASH memory with 'Low VCC Lock-out Voltage' operate at a core VCC level of 2.5V?



    Answer: No, VCC=2.5 V is an out-of-spec operation for the 3.0-V parts. The allowed operating range is 2.7 V to 3.3 V; flash operations outside of this range are not allowed and give indeterminate results. Once VCC drops below the low-voltage lockout voltage, typically around 2.5 V, the flash is considered to be powered OFF, and must then go through a power-on reset (POR) to reinitialize the part. See the datasheet for the POR specifications for your part.