Performance Issues with PSoC® Creator™ 3.3 - KBA211576

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    You may experience a lower performance with PSoC Creator 3.3 installation with some of the symptoms listed below. In most cases, the issue can be fixed by repairing the installation of PSoC Creator.  In rare instances, the issue will persist even after a repair.  This document details the symptoms, causes, verification, workarounds, and in-depth analysis of this issue.




    • PSoC Creator 3.3 takes a long time to start up
    • The GUI is unresponsive at times when editing a schematic
    • PSoC Creator 3.2 doesn't show this behavior




    Native image generation (NGEN) and other optimization were not performed during the installation.


    Verifying if you are affected by this issue:


    1. On the Run dialog, type cmd and press Enter.
    2. On the Windows Command Prompt, type the following, and press Enter.


    "%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ngen.exe" display psoc_creator




    If the command output lists the <Install path>\3.3\psoc creator\bin\psoc_creator.exe, you are not affected.


    If version 3.3 of psoc_creator.exe is not listed, you may be affected.  More than one version can be listed if they are installed in parallel.  See the example below (the 3.3 version is highlighted in yellow).






    Run Repair on your PSoC Creator 3.3 installation.
    Wait for 10-15 minutes after the installation for NGen to complete.

    If you still experience poor performance and NGen does not have PSoC Creator listed:  (See Verification above.)


    1. Close all open PSoC Creator windows.  The PSoC Creator process should not be running.
    2. Open a command prompt with administrator rights.
    3. Navigate to your PSoC Creator 3.3 installation directory and run the following: 

      cyoptimizesetup.exe INSTALL



      Note that you must use use all uppercase letters for the word INSTALL.

      You should see something like the following:



    4. If you don't see this, contact Cypress support for further assistance.
         This command queues up the installation tasks; however, the actual install will happen when your machine is idle.  If you want to force the install immediately, you can run:
         "%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ngen.exe" executeQueuedItems 3
         If the NGen still does not show PSoC Creator 3.3, (see Verification above) contact support for further assistance.
         Some actions like repair, reinstall, or changing between PSoC Creator 3.3, PSoC Creator 3.3 CP1 and PSoC Creator 3.3 SP1 may require you to repeat these steps.  A permanent fix is being implemented with PSoC Creator 4.0 (April 2016).