Privilege Mode of CPU in FR Family FR81S CY915XX Series MCUs – KBA217987

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    Translation - Japanese: タイトル:FRファミリFR81S CY915XXシリーズMCUのCPUの特権モード – KBA217987- Community Translated (JA)



    What is the Privilege mode of CPU in FR family of MCUs?



    The CPU in FR Family FR81S CY91520/ CY91550/ CY91570/ CY91580/ CY91590 Series MCUs has two operation modes: User mode and Privilege mode. User mode has a few limitations in commands or some access locations. Privilege mode does not have this limitation. See a hardware manual for detailed information.



    This knowledge base article applies to the following series of FR81S MCUs:

    • CY91520
    • CY91550
    • CY91570
    • CY91580
    • CY91590


    The prefix MB of the product has been changed to CY. For instance, MB915XX has been changed to CY915XX.