Voltage at WP# and HOLD# Pins on S25FL1xxK SPI Flash When Floating - KBA218527

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    Translation - Japanese:  フローティング時のS25FL1xxK SPIフラッシュのWP#およびHOLD#ピンの電圧 - KBA218527 - Community Translated (JA)



    For the S25FL1xxK SPI Flash, the WP# and HOLD# input signal pin will not be used, and will be left floating. What is the expected ViH level at these two signal pins, after initial power ON?



    The S25FL1xxK series has internal pull-ups on WP# and HOLD# pins, and will be at ViH when left unconnected (floating). Assuming that 10x or low capacitive-loading probes are used to measure the voltage, the ViH level measured at WP# and HOLD# will be ViH = VCC x 0.7 (typical). As an example, when VCC = 3.0 V, the expected ViH level measured at WP# and HOLD# pins will be ~2.1 V, after initial power ON.