Bad Blocks in NAND Flash Devices - KBA215722

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    How many bad blocks are present during manufacturing?



    Cypress guarantees the total factory bad blocks and blocks that go bad during usage within the rated cycle limit will be no more than 2% of the total blocks in the device. You can find the bad block specification in the datasheet of the respective NAND device under the “Valid Blocks” Section.

    The following table specifies the valid blocks (NVB) for various NAND devices: 

    DeviceMin – Max Good BlocksMax BadUnit
    S34MS01G2/G11004 - 102420Blocks
    S34MS02G2/G12008 - 204840Blocks
    S34MS04G2/G14016 - 409680Blocks
    S34MS08G28032 - 8192160Blocks
    S34MS16G216057 - 16384327Blocks
    S34ML01G2/G11004 - 102420Blocks
    S34ML02G2/G12008 - 204840Blocks
    S34ML04G2/G14016 - 409680Blocks
    S34ML08G28032 - 8192160Blocks
    S34ML16G216057 - 16384327Blocks