PSoC® 6 BLE Hardware Design Considerations (Draft) Part 2


We are currently drafting a PSoC 6 BLE Application Note (AN) on hardware design considerations. Placed here is part 2 of the AN, covering PSoC 6 BLE's clocking system. The clocking system in PSoC 6 BLE includes three internal clock sources: 8-MHz IMO, 32-kHz ILO, and 32-kHz PILO. In addition, PSoC 6 BLE can be clocked by three externral sources: EXTCLK, 4-33.33-MHz ECO, and 32.768-kHz WCO. The BLE radio in PSoC 6 BLE includes an additional 32-MHz crystal oscillator for proper BLE operation. This draft explains clock settings in the PSoC Creator IDE, specifically for the crystal oscillators and external clock, and provides details on the clock tree within PSoC 6 BLE.


Please feel free to read through and leave your feedback or questions in the comments section. We appreciate the feedback!