Inventek announces AWS IoT Application Note

Version 2

    Inventek Systems has announced a complete AWS (MQTT) Application Note using a Temperature Demo for reference.


    The Inventek eS-WiFi (embedded Serial to Wi-Fi), module family and the associated ISMART (Inventek Systems Arduino Module Test), shield simplify cloud connectivity by using the Inventek IWINC (Inventek Interoperability Network for Clouds), AT Command Set firmware to connect a device to the AWS IoT cloud. The Inventek AWS IoT Application Note document provides a detailed description and step by step procedure to enable your AWS IoT design.


    The Amazon AWS IoT service enables secure, bidirectional communication between IoT devices, sometimes referred to as Internet-connected things or simply things (sensors, actuators, devices, applications, etc.), and the cloud over MQTT.  Things are authenticated using AWS IoT service-provided X.509 certificates. Once a certificate is provisioned and activated it can be installed on a thing. The thing will then use that certificate to send all requests to AWS MQTT.  Authorization is controlled by JSON policy files that allow you to specify which resources a specific device (certificate) may access.  Inventek’s eS-WiFi module offering and ISMART shield Demo program incorporates a firmware customization feature to program the required certificated on a device.


    1. Setup an AWS account

    2. Modify the Inventek IWINC firmware to connect to your AWS account

    3. Run either a “C: project or Python to connect to the AWS cloud

    4. Control a thermistor and some push button



    Inventek has also been selected as one of Amazon's new Launch Pad partners for IoT applications and support.


    Please reference the Inventek AWS IoT Application Note link:



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