Inventek Systems releases WICED 3.5.2 with External Flash OTA support for all of our eS-WiFi Modules!

Version 2

    Inventek Systems announces the release of our WICED 3.5.2 Patch File for our ISM43362-M3G-L44 (2.4G Wi-Fi), & ISM43340/1-M4G-L44 (2.4G/5G+BT/BLE+NFC), eS-WiFi modules.


    WICED 3.5.2 & OTA Support:





    The Inventek 3.5.2 Patch File and our Platform File for our ISM43362-M3G-L44 & ISM43340/1-M4G-L44 eS-WiFi modules now support all of the required interfaces to control the radios supported by these two modules as well as external Flash for your OTA requirements :


    • SDIO for Wi-Fi
    • UART for BT/BLE
    • I2C for NFC
    • SPI for external Flash OTA Support (including our combo radio ISM43340/1-M4G-L44 modules).


    Inventek-Broadcom WICED SDK 3.5.2 Patch releases:


    WICED SDK 3.5.2 for Windows.ZIP:

    WICED SDK 3.5.2 for Linux.ZIP:


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