Inventek Systems 802.11 b/g/n eS-WiFi (embedded Serial to Wi-Fi), modules and IWIN (Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network), AT Command Set firmware Tutorial

Version 3

    Follow the link to Inventek’s video tutorial and learn why the combination of Inventek’s hardware and software portfolio is the leader in providing fast time to market IoT platform solutions:




    • WICED:               Broadcom’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices
    • eS-WiFi:                Inventek embedded Serial Wi-Fi Modules (Radio+MCU-Certified Antennas)
    • IWIN:                    Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network FW to optimize WICED for a seamless and user friendly development
    • IWINC:                  Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network for Clouds FW to provide Cloud-Ready modules by porting a library of Cloud Agents that our customers target with their IoT products.
    • IWDL:                   Inventek Wireless Driver Library to support Linux applications and the associated Host Processor requirements for those applications.
    • ISiP:                     Inventek System in Package radio offering (Radio-Only or Radio+Certified Antenna-Only), product offering.


    For a detailed overview on utilizing Inventek’s IWIN FW, please follow the this link:




    • Introduction
    • Getting Started
      • eS-WiFi Evaluation Board Overview
      • Joining a Network
      • Ping a Host on the Network
      • Connect to a Network System
      • Send Data to a Network System
      • Receive Data from a Network System
      • Communicate with Multiple Network Systems
      • Saving your Configuration
      • Country Codes
    • Documentation
      • AT Command Set User Manual
      • AT Command Set Quick Reference Guide
      • AT Command Set Status Commands
      • Soft Access Point
      • Sockets AT Command Equivalents
    • Resources
      • TCP/UDP Demo Script
      • HTTP (s) TCP File Download For OTA
      • Raspberry Pi Client
      • HTTP Get Request
      • Streaming Mode C code
      • SMTP E-Mail
    • Software
      • EVB PC Demo Software
      • Firmware Upgrades
      • Firmware (.bin)
      • Over the Air (.bin)


    For a detailed overview on Inventek’s SiPs, Modules and EVBs please follow this link:




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