Inventek Systems 802.11 b/g/n eS-WiFi (embedded Serial to Wi-Fi), modules and IWIN (Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network), AT Command Set firmware Tutorial

Follow the link to Inventek’s video tutorial and learn why the combination of Inventek’s hardware and software portfolio is the leader in providing fast time to market IoT platform solutions:



  • WICED:               Broadcom’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices
  • eS-WiFi:                Inventek embedded Serial Wi-Fi Modules (Radio+MCU-Certified Antennas)
  • IWIN:                    Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network FW to optimize WICED for a seamless and user friendly development
  • IWINC:                  Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network for Clouds FW to provide Cloud-Ready modules by porting a library of Cloud Agents that our customers target with their IoT products.
  • IWDL:                   Inventek Wireless Driver Library to support Linux applications and the associated Host Processor requirements for those applications.
  • ISiP:                     Inventek System in Package radio offering (Radio-Only or Radio+Certified Antenna-Only), product offering.


For a detailed overview on utilizing Inventek’s IWIN FW, please follow the this link:




  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
    • eS-WiFi Evaluation Board Overview
    • Joining a Network
    • Ping a Host on the Network
    • Connect to a Network System
    • Send Data to a Network System
    • Receive Data from a Network System
    • Communicate with Multiple Network Systems
    • Saving your Configuration
    • Country Codes
  • Documentation
    • AT Command Set User Manual
    • AT Command Set Quick Reference Guide
    • AT Command Set Status Commands
    • Soft Access Point
    • Sockets AT Command Equivalents
  • Resources
    • TCP/UDP Demo Script
    • HTTP (s) TCP File Download For OTA
    • Raspberry Pi Client
    • HTTP Get Request
    • Streaming Mode C code
    • SMTP E-Mail
  • Software
    • EVB PC Demo Software
    • Firmware Upgrades
    • Firmware (.bin)
    • Over the Air (.bin)


For a detailed overview on Inventek’s SiPs, Modules and EVBs please follow this link:




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