Port Status Indicators in HX2VL – KBA231480

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    Translation - Japanese: HX2VLのポートステータスインジケータ – KBA231480 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: What do the port indicator LEDs in HX2VL indicate in automatic mode?


    Answer: HX2VL supports the port indicators defined by USB 2.0 to show the status of each downstream port. The indicators have two modes - manual and automatic. On power up, HX2VL is in automatic mode and uses the GREEN[x] and AMBER[x] pins to indicate the status of each port.


    The color of the port indicator LEDs denotes the following:

    • Green - Port is enabled
    • Amber - Port has an overcurrent condition

    If the LED is Off, the port is suspended


    See the HX2VL datasheet for more details.