libusb Error when Programming Using openOCD CLI or ModusToolbox – KBA231563

Version 3

    Author: VitaS_81           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: openOCDまたはModusToolbox使用しプログラミングしている場合のlibusbエラー – KBA231563 - Community Translated (JA)


    Problem:  Programming a PSoC® 4 or PSoC 6 MCU device with MiniProg4 or KitProg3 fails. An ‘unable to get list of LibUSB devices error appears in ModusToolbox® 2.2 or the openOCD 4.1 CLI log window.


    Background: This issue happens when there is an unknown USB device available in Device Manager on Windows OS.


    This issue is caused by a libusb bug tracked in the libusb GitHUB repository.


    Solution: Try to reinstall the proper driver for the unknown device. If it does not help, remove the unknown USB device in Device Manager. When the libusb issue is addressed and a newer libusb is integrated with Cypress tools, this problem will go away.