Cannot Use MiniProg4 and J-Link Probes in JTAG Interface when Deep Sleep Mode Is Switched ON – KBA231562

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    Author: VitaS_81           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: ディープスリープモードがONの時にMiniProg4およびJ-LinkプローブがJTAGインターフェースで使用できない – KBA231562 - Community Translated (JA)


    Problem: When attempting to program/debug a PSoC 6 MCU device with MiniProg4 or J-Link probes in the JTAG interface, the followings errors (or similar) might be displayed in the ModusToolbox log window:


    Background: This happens because JTAG is not available in Deep Sleep mode. See the “DAP Power Domain” section in PSoC 6 MCU Programming Specifications (Document Number: 002-15554):

    Note that only the two SWD pins (SWCLKTCK and SWDIOTMS) are operational during Deep Sleep mode. The JTAG pins are operational only in Active mode. The JTAG debug and JTAG boundary scan are not available when the system is in Deep Sleep mode.


    Solution: If you would like to use JTAG interface for programming and debugging, use the ModusToolbox Device Configurator to set the 'System Idle Power Mode' to 'Active' to turn off Deep Sleep mode. You can also use SWD interface to acquire a target, and then switch to JTAG. However, this will not work when there is more than one device in the JTAG chain.