Using Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox 2.1 after Installing ModusToolbox 2.2 - KBA231606

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    Translation - Japanese: ModusToolbox 2.2をインストール後、ModusToolbox 2.1でEclispe IDEを使用 – KBA231606 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: After installing ModusToolbox 2.2, why am I seeing an error while attempting to program or debug using the Eclipse IDE installed with ModusToolbox 2.1?


    error while launching command: [PATH]/ModusToolbox/tools_2.2/CY_TOOL_arm-none-eabi-gdb_EXE --version


    Answer: By default, ModusToolbox uses the latest version of the installed tools. In this case, since you have both versions 2.1 and 2.2 installed, the build system is using the 2.2 version of the tools. To resolve this issue, do either of the following:


    Option 1: Open the applicable workspace/application using the Eclipse IDE installed with ModusToolbox 2.2.


    Option 2: Update the path to the “tools_2.1” directory. Create a CY_TOOLS_PATHS system variable to point to the correct path. For details, refer to the ModusToolbox Installation Guide, section "Create a system variable to specify the path to Tools." Then you can open the application Eclipse IDE installed with ModusToolbox 2.1.