pow() function in EZ-USB Suite - KBA231148

Version 2

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    The pow(a,b) function returns the value of ‘a’ raised to the power of ‘b’. It is defined inside the math.h header file. Do the following to use this function in an FX3 project in EZ USB Suite:

    1. At the top of the source file where pow() is to be used, add a reference to the math.h header file.
      #include "math.h"
    2. Right-click the project and select Properties.
    3. On the Project Properties window, select C/C++ build > Settings.
    4. Under Cross ARM C Linker, select Libraries. 
    5. Add the new library (m) to the set of default libraries present and click OK.
    6. Click OK and then refresh the project before building.
    7. Build the project.