Can Semper S28HS-T/S28HL-T Octal Flash operate in either QPI or QSPI mode? – KBA231294

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    There is no provision to support either QPI or QSPI modes of operation.  The Semper™ S28HS-T and S28HL-T  series is a memory device with an octal interface that supports both Octal (x8) Peripheral Interface (OPI), as well as legacy Serial (x1) Peripheral Interface (SPI).  However, the default data bus width setting from the factory is Serial (x1) mode.  Configuration Register-5, bit-0 (CFR5x[0]) is user-defined, in either SPI (x1) mode or OPI (x8) data bus width.  SPI (x1) mode supports SDR (1S-1S-1S) only;  OPI (x8) mode supports both SDR (8S-8S-8S) and DDR (8D-8D-8D).  Therefore, QPI (4-4-4) and QSPI (1-4-4) modes are not supported.


    See the following sections in the S28HS-T/S28HL-T datasheet:


      - “Transaction Protocol” for SPI and Octal protocol definitions

      - “Configuration Register 5 - CFR5x” for selection of either SPI (x1) or Octal (x8) modes

      - “Transaction Table” for specific SPI and Octal transition functions, names, and commands


    See the condensed Octal Flash datasheet:


    Register for the Semper Access Program to get access to full datasheets, application notes, models, software, and evaluation kits:



    Semper S28HS-T/S28FL-T Octal Flash datasheet (complete): Document Number: 002-18216 Rev. *S