Enabling/Disabling CCG3PA Internal VBUS Regulator – KBA231211

Version 2

    Author: ShifangZ_26           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: CCG3PA内部VBUSレギュレータの有効化/無効化 – KBA231211 - Community Translated (JA)


    Should the CCG3PA internal VBUS regulator be enabled/disabled in my firmware project?


    If VDDD of CCG3PA has external power as always, the CCG3PA internal VBUS regulator should be disabled. Otherwise, it should be enabled or enabled in the following sequence.

    1. Enable directly if there is no external power for VDDD.
    2. Enable at VBUS power stage and disable when VDDD power is rising at 3.3 V. The external VDDD range is 2.75-5.5 V. Therefore, the VDDD must be powered by the power source only within this range. We recommend gating the voltage from 3.3 V.


    CCG3PA firmware will not work normally when both the externally powered VDDD and internal VBUS regulator are enabled. The CCG3PA internal VBUS regulator is enabled by default. The pd_hal_disable_vreg(uint8_t port) API is defined in the pdss_mx_hal.c file for disabling CCG3PA internal VBUS regulator if it is called.