“Not a valid CySmart dongle!” error when using CySmart C# APIs - KBA231268

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    Translation - Japanese: 「有効なCySmartドングルではありません!」CySmart C#API使用時のエラー - KBA231268 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: I am creating a C# application using CySmart APIs. When I use the TryGetCySmartDongleCommunicator API to communicate with my CySmart dongle, I get the error “Not a valid CySmart dongle”. How do I get past this error?



    CySmart software receives updates on a periodic basis where support for newer dongles are added. The error is caused because the C# application is making use of older DLLs that does not recognize newer devices.

    Follow these steps to update your application to the latest DLLs:

    1. Install the latest CySmart software.
    2. Open your C# application in Visual Studio.
    3. In the Solution Explorer window, open the References section in your project as shown:
    4. Right-click on all the CySmart DLLs and click Remove.
    5. Right-click on References > Add Reference > Browse. Add the latest DLLs from the path: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\CySmart\1.x\bin” (x being the latest minor version).
    6. Click OK.


    Run the application now; it should be able to recognize the CySmart dongle.