Software Support for PSoC 64 Engineering Samples – KBA230748

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 64エンジニアリングサンプルのソフトウェアサポート – KBA230748 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: How do I install software for Engineering Sample version of kits and silicon for the PSoC® 64 Secure MCU Line?



    The software tool for evaluating the PSoC 64 Secure MCU line has been updated to be used with production silicon and is not backward compatible with Engineering Sample silicon and kits.

    If the part number includes “ES”, then you have Engineering Sample silicon onboard. For example, CYB0644ABZI-S2D44ES2.

    Software support for Engineering Sample PSoC 64 Secure MCU line is divided into the following three parts:

    1. Secure Boot SDK (CySecureTools)
    2. Mbed OS
    3. Miscellaneous Programming Tools


    Secure Boot SDK

    The Secure Boot SDK is delivered as a Python package called CySecureTools. Run the following commands to get the compatible software:


    pip install --force-reinstall cysecuretools==1.4.1


    You can find the Engineering Sample version of the Secure Boot SDK User Guide here.

    Mbed OS

    Mbed OS 6.0 is the last version that supports Engineering Sample targets (CYESKIT_064B0S2_4343W and CY8CPROTO_064_SB)

    To change the mbed-os version using CLI in your project, run the following command:


    mbed update mbed-os-6.0



    Miscellaneous Programming Tools

    This section is for advanced users.


    Firmware-loader for KitProg3

    If you have updated your KitProg3 to the latest version, use this Firmware-loader release to update your KitProg3 for Engineering Sample PSoC 64 silicon.


    Cypress OpenOCD

    You can use the OpenOCD tool and Engineering Sample PSoC 64 silicon available here.



    You can use the pyOCD tool and Engineering Sample PSoC 64 silicon available here.


    pip install --force-reinstall pyocd==0.23.0