[Early Adaptor] Cypress Linux Yocto Driver Release [2020-06-25]

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    Yocto is a widely used custom embedded Linux distribution creation tool. The Yocto project provides a flexible set of tools and a space where embedded developers worldwide can share technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices to create tailored Linux images for embedded and IoT devices, or anywhere a customized Linux OS is needed.  This release allows you to enable the Cypress Wi-Fi connectivity software in your Yocto projects, making it easier than ever to get started quickly with the Cypress connectivity software.  Bluetooth in Yocto will be released in the near future.


    Files in this release:

    * SD card image (core-image-base-imx6sxsabresd-v5.4.18-2020_0625.sdcard.tar.gz)

    * Yocto script package (cypress-yocto-scripts-v5.4.18-2020_0625.tar.gz)



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