Cypress SPI NOR flash reference schematic - KBA230681

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    Translation - Japanese: Cypress SPI NOR Flash Memoryのリファレンス回路図 - KBA230681- Community Translated (JA)


    Is there any reference schematic for Cypress SPI NOR flash devices available?



    Cypress SPI NOR flash devices can be connected directly with memory controllers without any additional components. But, we recommend using a simple pull-up resistor on CS# signal to ensure safe and proper power-up and power-down. A reference schematic diagram for Cypress SPI NOR flash devices is given below using S25FL512S.


    Reference Schematic Diagram

    Best Practices

    1. It is recommended to perform signal integrity simulations using IBIS models before finalizing the design. IBIS models for Cypress flash devices are available at: under the “Design Models” tab.
    2. Based on the signal integrity simulations, series termination resistors can be added on SPI signals.
    3. HOLD#, WP# and RESET# pins have a weak internal pull-up resistor and can be left open if not used.
    4. It is recommended to leave NC, DNU and RFU pin unconnected.


    Layout guidelines for Cypress serial flash devices are available in the following application note, AN98508.