Accessing OTP Memory of CYW20706 - KBA230533

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    Translation - Japanese: CYW20706のOTPメモリへのアクセス - KBA230533 - Community Translated (JA)

    How can the OTP memory section of CYW20706 devices be accessed?

    CYW20706 has 2 KB of one-time programmable (OTP) memory, which can store customer-specific unique information like BD address of the device. For more details on OTP memory section, see the One-Time Programmable Memory section of the CYW20706 datasheet.

    As this memory section is restricted for internal use only, it is recommended that you do not access the OTP memory to write any data. Therefore, there are no commands or tools available for you to access the OTP memory. However, there might be some special application requirement or feature requirement where you need to write device-specific data like serial number to the OTP memory. In such cases, contact the Cypress Sales team. The team will evaluate the request and provide further support.