Cypress Community Tip: Adding Connections & Private Messaging

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    Cypress Community Tip: Adding Connections & Private Messaging


    Adding other members as a ‘Connection’ in the Cypress Community is a valuable way to follow other experts and receive alerts when they post content.  Private Messaging is also available for connected members to converse with each other using the community environment instead of their private email accounts.


    Add a Connection

    1. Click on ‘Follow
    • Connections Stream (stays in community)


    • Inbox (sends alerts to your email)

    Follow other member.png

    When you follow another member, they receive an email alert and can choose to also follow you or ignore. If they choose to follow you then you are now a ‘Connection’.

    member following you email.png



    Private Messaging

    Once you are ‘Connected’ you can send a private message as seen below.

    message feature.png



    Remove a Connection

    You may select ‘Stop Following’ at any time to remove this person as a ‘Connection’. Once you remove the member as a connection you can no longer send each other private messages.