ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK Installation Notes

Version 3

    Bluetooth SDK

    The Bluetooth SDK is targeted for the CYW20706, CYW20719B2, CYW20721B2, CYW20735B1, CYW20819, CYW20820, CYW89820, and the CYW43012 Wi-Fi/BT combo (for embedded Bluetooth development only). ModusToolbox 2.1 with the Bluetooth SDK 2.6 provides a complete development environment to allow you to quickly create Bluetooth enabled IoT solutions like audio devices, beacons and trackers, hid devices, smart watches, medical devices, and home automation platforms.


    The Bluetooth SDK includes:

    • Bluetooth firmware
    • Platform and board support packages
    • Utilities including BTSpy trace, Manufacturing Bluetooth test tool, Client Control, and Mesh Client control
    • Peer apps for OTA and Mesh
    • A rich set of WICED™ connectivity APIs that allow for simplified programming of BT/BLE connectivity
    • Various sample applications that serve as examples of how to utilize the BT/BLE APIs
    • More complex code examples  that utilize various APIs and middleware to create a more complete solution


    Notes for Installing Bluetooth SDK 2.6 with ModusToolbox 2.1:

    • Note:  If a previous version of BT SDK2.x was installed and needs to be preserved, you will need to create a new workspace and wiced_btsdk project in order to pull in Bluetooth SDK 2.6 and avoid overwriting previous versions.
    • Within the IDE, click the “New Application” link in the Quick Panel
      • Alternatively, you can select File -> New -> ModusToolbox IDE Application
    • This will launch the Project Creator.  In Project Creator, click on "WICED Bluetooth BSPs"
    • Next, select the evaluation board you are using with Bluetooth SDK
    • Now you will select wiced-btsdk while noting that this project contains the actual SDK which is used by all Bluetooth SDK 2.6 applications.
      • You will need to create this project just once in the working directory
      • Do not change the name of this project as all Bluetooth SDK 2.6 applications use the same project name within their application makefiles.
        • This step can take up to 15 minutes,but will not need to be invoked again once initially executed
    • After the wiced_btsdk project is created, again click the “New Application” link and then the evaluation board, in the Project Creator, followed by the application you wish to use within Bluetooth SDK 2.6.