PSoC® 3: CY8C38 Automotive Family Datasheet: Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC®)

Version 1

    Version: *L

    Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC®)

    General Description:

    With its unique array of configurable blocks, PSoC® 3 is a true system level solution providing microcontroller unit (MCU), memory, analog, and digital peripheral functions in a single chip while being AEC-Q100 compliant. The CY8C38 family offers a modern method of signal acquisition, signal processing, and control with high accuracy, high bandwidth, and high flexibility. Analog capability spans the range from thermocouples (near DC voltages) to ultrasonic signals. The CY8C38 family can handle dozens of data acquisition channels and analog inputs on every general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pin.


    • Single cycle 8051 CPU
    • Low voltage, ultra low-power
    • Versatile I/O system
    • Digital peripherals
    • Analog peripherals (1.71 V ≤ VDDA ≤ 5.5 V)
    • Programming, debug, and trace
    • Precision, programmable clocking
    • For more, see pdf