Cypress Tip: How to Follow Content Within the Community

Version 1

    There’s a lot of content and information in the Cypress Developer Community. Although all content in the community is valuable, there may be one or more content spaces that you want to follow, or you may want to create your own group for people to follow. That means that you can specifically follow content from a certain space in the community and get notified when there is new content being uploaded. This does not mean that you won’t be able to look at other content, this simply means you and follow the content that peaks your interest a bit more.


    Step 1: Log in your Cypress community account


    photo step 1 final.jpg


    Step 2: Locate the community tabs and select “PLACES”




    Step 3: After arriving to places page select “Spaces” and make sure the word is in bold. Now you can see the different spaces you can follow or share to other members from the Cypress community.




    As seen below you can select a different layout and follow or share spaces in the layout you prefer.



    Step 4: Now you the see the variety of groups that are in the Cypress Community. Notice the word group is now in bold. In this area you can explore the different Cypress community groups and you have the option to follow or join the group.



    *Bonus information

    You can add your own place within one of these spaces if you want to work on a project with your team.