Relationship Between ICU Pins on Package and Internal ICU Channels in S6J3360 - KBA230042

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    Translation - Japanese:  S6J3360のICUチャネルおよびパッケージのICUピン間の関係 - KBA230042 - Community Translated (JA)



    How do I use the Input Capture (ICU) pin ICU10_IN1_0 (P1_08)? How do I map the ICU pin on the package to an internal input capture channel resource to configure the resource input register (RIC_RESINxxx)?



    S6J3360 series supports up to six Input Capture Units (ICU). Each unit is composed of two independent external input pins (IN0 or IN1). Thus, each unit has two input capture channels as shown in Figure 1. The ICU pin name defined in the S6J3360 datasheet is based on the unit number. However, this number is not the same as the internal channel number used for resource input configurations in S6J3360 Hardware Manual (Section 3.1. Resource Input Configuration). Table 1 lists the mapping between ICU pins and internal ICU channels.


    Figure 1. Configuration Diagram of 32-bit Input Capture


    Table 1. Mapping Between ICU Pins and Internal ICU Channel Resources

    ICU pin define

    (in datasheet)

    Pin description

    (in datasheet)

    Internal ICU channel resource

    (in hardware manual)


    Input capture0 ch.0

    Internal Input capture ch.0 (IN0/ICU0)


    Input capture0 ch.1

    Internal Input capture ch.1 (IN1/ICU1)


    Input capture1 ch.0

    Internal Input capture ch.2 (IN2/ICU2)


    Input capture1 ch.1

    Internal Input capture ch.3 (IN3/ICU3)


    Input capture2 ch.0

    Internal Input capture ch.4 (IN4/ICU5)


    Input capture2 ch.1

    Internal Input capture ch.5 (IN5/ICU5)


    Input capture8 ch.0

    Internal Input capture ch.16 (IN16/ICU16)


    Input capture8 ch.1

    Internal Input capture ch.17 (IN17/ICU17)


    Input capture9 ch.0

    Internal Input capture ch.18 (IN18/ICU18)


    Input capture9 ch.1

    Internal Input capture ch.19 (IN19/ICU19)


    Input capture10 ch.0

    Internal Input capture ch.20 (IN20/ICU20)


    Input capture10 ch.1

    Internal Input capture ch.21 (IN21/ICU21)

    *_x: it can be 0 or 1. One of the pin can be selected for the ICU pin.


    Thus, for example, when using ICU10_IN1_0 (P1_08), the resource input register RIC_RESIN378 must be configured to ‘0’ to select P1_08 as the IN21 (internal ICU ch.21) input resource. In addition, you must configure RIC_RESIN379 to select the Free Run Timer (FRT) channel for the ICU21 input resource.


    Figure 2. RIC_RESINxxx Register in S6J3360 Hardware Manual