Cypress Tip: How to Manage Your Connections

Version 2

    A connection on the Cypress community signifies that a person you have added as a friend is has now added you back. Once both accounts follow each other that is considered a connection. In this tip you will learn how to manage your connections and friends in the Cypress community.


    Step 1:  Log into the Cypress community.


    photo step 1 final.jpg


    Step 2: Select the arrow next to your avatar image. Once the drop-down menu appears select “View Profile”



    Step 3: Once you get to your profile you can see your connections, followers, and following.

    • Connections: These are the individuals you follow who also follow you
    • Followers: People who follow you
    • Following: People that you are following


    In this example you can see that Maritza has two connections, she is following three people, and has two followers.

    Now that you know what connections signify you can now begin to grow the connections that you have in the Cypress community.


    *Bonus information*

    You are probably wonder why at times you can see Cypress community members full names and other times you can only see their usernames even after making a connection. Cypress members can choose whether other members can see their full names or not. In the example below you can see that only “friends” can see Maritza’s full name. This function can be switched to being visible to yourself only, friends, verified users, or everyone.