Cypress Community Tip: How to Manage E-mail Preferences

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    As a Cypress Community Member, you have the opportunity to subscribe to a variety of information including:

    • Discussion Forums
    • Blogs
    • Members (Experts and Cypress Employees)
    • Individual pieces of content (Threads, Documents, Videos)
    • Content where have added comments
    • Content you have authored


    Updating your e-mail preferences allows you to adjust which information you want to receive and how often. You make changes to your e-mail preferences as many times as you like.


    Step 1: Log into your Cypress Community account and go to your profile.


    photo step 1 final.jpg


    Step 2: Press the arrow that is next to your avatar and you will see a drop-down menu. In that drop-down menu select the word “Preferences”




    Step 3: In the e-mail preferences page you have a variety of options to customize what content you want to receive and how often.


    Receive e-mail: At the highest level you can choose whether or not you want to receive e-mail alerts from the community.

    *Please note if you choose not to receive any e-mail from the community you will not receive outage announcements, alerts for discussions you participate in or comments on your content.


    Typically, members who visit the community in-frequently and do not participate would choose this option. If you post questions or content it is not recommended that you opt-out of e-mail alerts. 


    Inbox: You can choose from receiving emails, what emails you want to receive in your inbox, moderation, connection stream, and community digest. The community digest gives you updates on what’s going on in the community. You can choose from receiving the community digest once a week, twice a week, every day, or never.




    Step 4: Lastly you can also customize your community with different styles.


    Personal homepage: You can select what you would want to see in your personal homepage. You can choose from three options home, news and inbox. Select the option that you feels will interest you the best.


    Discussion and Comment style view: In these sections you can select which style you prefer to view discussions and comments on your community page. You can choose from flat and threaded styles.


    Language: Select the language you prefer to see the community content in.


    Locale and Time Zone: Select your location and your time zone


    High Contrast Color Scheme: Choose if you want a high contrast color scheme on or off


    Quick Tagging Mode: Select on if you want the tagging field open at all times or off if you do not