Cypress Community Tip: How to Navigate and Find Different Content in the Community

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    In the Cypress community it is essential to be able to navigate and organize the content you are looking for. By reducing the time you are spending looking for content you can now spend that time completing other activities within the Cypress Community. In this tip you will learn how to find a variety of content like blogs, discussions, polls, ideas, and videos. You will also learn how to filter these items and find the exact content that you are browsing for.


    Step 1: Log into your Cypress Community account.

    Picture step 1.JPG


    Step 2: Locate the community tabs and select “CONTENT”

    2020-03-27_15-09-52 final .jpg


    Step 3: Once you arrive to this page you can select blogs, documents, discussions, polls, ideas, or videos. This allows you to filter to the category and find the content you are looking for. Notice that in the picture the word “Blog Posts” is in bold. That’s because we are only seeing blogs on this page. This allows you to filter your results and access the blogs.



    Now “Discussions” is in  bold. That’s because you can select the tab to see only the discussions. Keep in mind the discussions are filtered form most recent to oldest


    Another great feature is that you can change the layout of how the content is viewed from the buttons on the right side of the page

    Layout change final.jpg

    Step 4: On the left side you can access the content that you have been the author of, are currently drafting, have participated in, and the content you have recently viewed. This allows you to keep track of your work and the history of your work in the Cypress Community



    Step 5: Lastly the Cypress community offers a search tool where you can type what you are looking for and the search box will find it.


    2020-03-31_12-08-17 finalll.jpg


    Below you can see the pop up from selecting the search box. This search box offers suggestions, your history, and bookmarks item that you saved to read later or for future reference. The search box makes it easier for you to navigate and find what you are looking for in the Cypress community