Cypress Community Tip: How to Understand Missions and Points

Version 1

    The Cypress Community assigns points to members when they complete different activities called ‘Missions’. Each mission assigns different points depending on the level of difficulty or work associated with the activity. As you solve more missions you accumulate points and move up the community expert levels. Members at higher levels have more followers and are easily recognized as experts by their peers. Here are instructions for how you learn more about our current missions.


    Step 1: Log into the Cypress Community. Once logged in you will see the points you have accumulated next to your avatar. Select “points” and you will see a drop-down menu


    Picture step 1.11.jpg

    Step 2: Once you see the drop menu select the button “more”


    2020-03-24_13-05-16 el fin.jpg


    Step 3: This button takes you to your activities page. On the left side menu under “Activity” select “Missions”


    Points 3.33.jpg

    Step 4: The missions page displays your points, level and the variety of missions available in the Cypress Community. You can sort and display the different missions in several ways including earned, new, and points



    In the example below you can identify that the user has 2,750 points, is currently in level 6 and has completed missions in the Code Contributor and Power User categories. You can also select three badges that you earned by completing missions which will show on your profile.



    Step 5: Each mission includes a title, description of action required for completion, your level of completion and other members who have recently completed the mission. You can complete or track the percentage left until completing the mission to accumulate points and move up levels in the Cypress Community. The more levels you complete the more missions you unlock

    points 4.JPG