Cypress Community Tip: How to Set Your Profile and Avatar Pictures

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    The Cypress Community members have better success with networking and collaboration when they have updated their online profiles and pictures. Benefits include giving a higher level of personality, showing your actively engaged, and making you more approachable to other members. Experts that interact across different communities and social environments that have standard profile characteristics have increased recognition from online followers and consistent branding for their online portfolio. You can choose to display detailed information and pictures or remain more anonymous. Here is the process for updating your Cypress Community Profile and Avatar pictures.


    Step 1: Log into the Cypress Community

    photo step 1 final.jpg

    Once logged in you will see your name and Avatar on the right-hand side of the page.


    Step 2: Press the drop-down menu which is the mini arrow next to your avatar and select “Edit Profile.” You can add up to 10 profile pictures but the primary one should be the one which you want people to see first. All pictures need to be professional and business appropriate. You can have pictures of yourself or even your company logo, (if you have permission to use it), awards you have won, successful design projects. Anything that highlights your experience is helpful


    step 2 final .jpg


    Step 3: Select “Add Photo”

    2020-03-24_15-21-30 finallll.jpg

    Step 4: Upload a picture you wish to have on your profile and select the button “Upload & Continue”


    Now that you changed your profile picture lets change your avatar picture which is the one shown when you log into the community and displays next to all your activities and content for other members.


    Step 5: Scroll down and find the avatar. You either choose a pre-made avatar or upload a new one by selecting “Add another avatar"

    2020-03-24_15-38-59 finalllll .jpg

    Step 6: Once you upload or select a new avatar select the “Finished” button