Proxy Entries in ModusToolbox 2.0 to Download Board Support Package - KBA229700

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    Translation - Japanese: ModusToolbox 2.0 で ボードサポートパッケージをダウンロードするためのプロキシエントリ - KBA229700 - Community Translated (JA)


    Why is the Board Support Package (BSP) not downloaded the first time a new application is created in ModusToolbox® 2.0 on Windows OS?


    In Windows OS, if the proxy setting in Local Area Network (LAN) Settings is set to Automatically detect settings, ModusToolbox 2.0 will not recognize the proxy setting, and cannot access Cypress BSP Github repository.


    ModusToolbox has been developed based on Eclipse, and this limitation is derived from the Eclipse specification.


    So, when a new application is created in ModusToolBox 2.0, an error occurs. See Figure 1.


    Figure 1. Error while Creating a New Application

    To work around this error, you must configure the proxy entries in ModusToolbox 2.0 manually:

    1. Launch ModusToolbox 2.0.
    2. Follow the menu path Windows → Preferences.
    3. In the Preferences window, go to General Network Connections. Select Manual from the Active Provider dropdown list. Set Proxy entries and Proxy bypass based on the user’s network configuration.
    4. Click Apply and Close to apply the manual proxy settings.