Laird Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity Solutions (webinar)

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    As wireless connectivity becomes ubiquitous, designers are faced with a host of design challenges involving software integration, coexistence, antenna design and worldwide regulatory certification. Because of this, manufacturers are looking for a reliable, market tested, and innovative partner for adding wireless technology to their existing and future products. Laird Connectivity is a global Cypress ecosystem partner with a long history of solving these design challenges using globally certified modules, world-class design services and manufacturing, along with unparalleled customer support that is recognized throughout the industry.


    As a strategic ecosystem partner of Cypress, Laird leverages Cypress’ industry leading Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo and Bluetooth stand-alone radio chipsets in their certified module portfolio. This webinar will serve as a helpful educational tool and launch pad for manufacturers looking to add world class Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity to their next IoT device while overcoming the complex and expansive nature of wireless design



    • Design Considerations for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
    • Laird Connectivity Wireless Module Offering (Powered by Cypress)
    • Example Success Stories & Use Cases
    • How to Get Started & Resources