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    How do I install ModusToolbox on Windows if my user home directory contains spaces?
    The ModusToolbox installer tries to install in your user home directory by default. However, it prevents you from installing into a directory that contains spaces.

    Answer: So, if your user home directory includes spaces, and you cannot create a new user home directory, you must perform some extra manual steps.


    Step 1: Install at a custom path.

    1. Select an alternate installation path that does not include spaces. For example:


    Any path without spaces will also work.

    2. After installation is complete, create a folder to store your workspaces. For example:


    You can choose any path as long as it doesn’t contain spaces.


    Step 2: Create a system variable.

    Because you have installed ModusToolbox into a non-default folder, you need to specify the path to your “tools” directory using a System Variable. Open the Environment Variables dialog, and create a new System Variable:

    • Variable Name: CY_TOOLS_PATHS
    • Variable Value: C:/Cypress/ModusToolbox/tools_2.0/ (for example)
      NOTE: Use a Windows style path, not Cygwin (like /cygdrive/c/). Also, use forward slashes.

    Step 3: Address GitHub cache issue.

    The ModusToolbox make system clones all the repos needed for your project, directly into your project. So the resulting project is self-contained. It uses the cache to speed up the clone operations. Normally, the make system would create and use cache directory at:


    c:\Users\<User Name>\.modustoolbox\


    However, you need to fix this for the new install location of ModusToolbox. There are two ways to resolve this. Choose one.

    NOTE: This workaround will only work for ModusToolbox 2.0. For the next release, Cypress is adding the ability to relocate the cache through a System Variable.


    Step 3A: Option 1: Disable caching.

    You can disable the caching. The downside is that will slow down the clone operation and overall project creation, as well as the library update experience. In order to disable the cache, create a User Variable:

    • Variable Name: CY_GETLIBS_NO_CACHE
    • Variable Value: 1


    Step 3B: Option 2: Change the cache location

    Another option is to change the location where the ModusToolbox make system keeps the cache. Open the following file with a text editor:




    Right above the block “Other Windows environments” put these three lines:



    CY_INTERNAL_GETLIBS_PATH:=$(shell cygpath -m --absolute $(subst \,/,$(CY_GETLIBS_PATH)))

    CY_INTERNAL_GETLIBS_SEARCH_PATH:=$(shell cygpath -m --absolute $(subst \,/,$(CY_GETLIBS_SEARCH_PATH)))

    Step 4: Configure Eclipse

    1. Start the Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox 2.0 and specify the path to the workspace. For example:


    2. Accept the license agreement if asked.

    3. Open the Preferences dialog

    4. Specify the ModusToolbox Tools location. Point to the install location you specified earlier. For example:


    5. Click Apply and Close.

    NOTE: This is a workspace setting. So you must repeat this process for every new workspace.