S6BT112A CXPI Transceiver: How to Apply SSCG Function – KBA229362

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    To apply SSCG function in CXPI system, S6BT112A01 must be in the master node.


    According to CXPI protocol, the BUS clock is provided only by the master node (Refer to JASO D 015-3 for detail). The SSCG function in S6Bt112A01 is to add fine modulation to the BUS clock to reduce EMI noise. To apply SSCG function in CXPI system, the proper usage of S6BT112A family is shown in Table 1.


    Table 1. Apply SSCG function in CXPI system

    Part number

    With SSCG function

    CXPI node Applied



    Master node



    Slave node