Differential Output Support of Audio DAC in S6J3200 - KBA229319

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    Translation - Japanese: S6J3200 のオーディオDACの差動出力サポートについて- KBA229319 - Community Translated (JA)

    Does the Audio DAC of S6J3200 support differential output?

    Yes, the Audio DAC in S6J3200 supports differential output when using the Bridge-tied Load (BTL) method, where the output signals DAC_L and DAC_R have a 180o phase difference. The DAC Polarity Configuration Register (DPCR) of the Audio DAC module should be set to 01b or 10b to reverse the polarity of the upper (Left_DATA) or lower (Right_DATA) 16 bits when BTL is applied.


    Figure 1. Example of DAC Differential Output

    For more information about BTL, see S6J3200 Hardware Manual.