S6BT112A CXPI Transceiver: Reset of S6BT112A – KBA229273

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    Translation - Japanese: S6BT112A CXPIトランシーバー:S6BT112A のリセット – KBA229273 - Community Translated (JA)


    No external reset is required for the S6BT112A CXPI transceiver. S6BT112A resets itself automatically in the following two conditions:


    1. Power on reset
    2. Decode function resets the device when an abnormal operation occurs due to noise.


    Consider the following two examples:


    Shorter LOW width bus waveform:

    When a waveform with an extremely short LOW width of logical value ‘1’ is input due to causes such as noise, the subsequent bus waveform of logical value ‘1’ will always be judged as logical value ‘0’. When a continuous data with 10 bits of ‘0’ is received, which does not exist in CXPI protocol, S6BT112A resets automatically and returns to normal after reset.


    Longer LOW width bus waveform:

    A waveform with a longer LOW width of the logical value ‘1’ due to noise is not stored by S6BT112A. If the internal LOW width storage register is abnormally changed to a large value (due to causes such as a large surge in noise), S6BT112A continuously detects and averages the LOW width of the logical value ‘1’ to reset the register value once every 64 clocks. Therefore, as long as there is a BUS clock, S6BT112A will automatically return to normal after the reset.


    Refer to S6BT112A datasheet for details.