Adding Superspeed MUX in CCGx Application Project – KBA229149

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    Author: LisaZ_26           Version: **


    Is additional Superspeed MUX required to design a CCGx Application Project?



    Yes. Additional superspeed MUX is required if you are designing a Type-C receptacle and supporting the USB3.0/DisplayPort/HDMI/TBT3/4 because the pin assignment of USB3.0/DisplayPort/HDMI/TBT3/4 is done based on the CC orientation of Type-C partner plugin. Alternately, you could save the superspeed MUX in any of the following plugins:

      • Type-C plug interface
      • Type-C receptacle supporting USB2.0 only 
      • Firmware developing on USB3.0 host/device
      • Firmware developing on DisplayPort source CPU