Buttons with Sharp Corners (less than 90 degrees) in a Self-Capacitance Button Design - KBA229184

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    Translation - Japanese: 自己容量方式のボタンデザインでの、鋭角形状(90度未満)のボタンについて-KBA229184 - Community Translated (JA)



    Are buttons with sharp corners (less than 90º) acceptable for a self-capacitance button design?



    Yes. Buttons with sharp corners are acceptable and works in most common designs. However, these buttons are not recommended as the design impacts capacitance sensing performance:

    1. The corner can be equivalent to the capacitive load on the transmission line.

    2. The discontinuity of impedance will cause the reflection of signal.

    3. The sharp corners will cause EMI, which might cause high speed signal problems.