Build Error 'CY_SYS_CYPIPE_INTR_MASK' Undeclared in PSoC 6 Designs – KBA229096

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 6 ビルドエラー 'CY_SYS_CYPIPE_INTR_MASK' undeclared の対処方法 - KBA229096- Community Translated (JA)


    How can I resolve the 'CY_SYS_CYPIPE_INTR_MASK' undeclared build error in PSoC® 6 designs?


    The latest Peripheral Driver Library (PDL), version 3.1.0, defines the System Pipe Interrupt Mask as CY_SYS_CYPIPE_INTR_MASK whereas PDL 3.0.4 uses CY_IPC_CYPIPE_INTR_MASK equivalently. When you build the project developed for PDL 3.1.0 using an earlier version of PDL, PSoC Creator™ throws up the following error: 'CY_SYS_CYPIPE_INTR_MASK' undeclared here (not in a function)’ (refer to the following figure).


    Figure 1: Build Error with PDL 3.0.4


    Download the latest PSoC 6 PDL software and configure the appropriate PSoC 6 PDL version in PSoC Creator by navigating to Tools > Options, as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 2: Build Succeeded with PDL 3.1.0


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