Rsense Design Considerations On CCG3PA Applications – KBA229013

Version 2

    Author: LisaZ_26           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: CCG3PAアプリケーションでのRsense設計の考慮 - KBA229013 - Community Translated (JA)


    Ensure the following to enable Ground Sense:

    1. Wire the measured ground pin to the positive side of the current sense resistor. Wire the CSP and GND pins of CCG3PA to the negative side of the current sense resistor.
    2. Use the Type-C GND line as a GND reference for external components.
    3. Rsense could be 5 mOhms or 10 mOhms according to the current measurement range. The suggested value for Rsense is 5 mOhms.
    4. Use Kelvin sense lines for wiring Rsense. The Sense lines must connect directly to sense resistor terminals; traces should be symmetrical and have the same length, as short and thick as possible (make sure that the trace impedance is as low as possible).
    5. Place a bypass capacitor across Rsense to filter out noise.


    Note that if CSP of CCG3PA is not used, VBUS OCP and PPS are not supported.