Does S25FL-L have Vio Option on Pin 14 for 16-Lead SOIC Package? – KBA228974

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    Translation - Japanese: Cypress S25FL-Lシリーズの16pin-SOICパッケージ(SO3016, 300mil Body Width) のPin#.14はVIOオプションを持っていますか? – KBA228974 – Community translated (JP)

    Does S25FL-L have Vio option on pin 14 for 16-Lead SOIC package?


    S25FL-L does not have Vio option on pin 14 for 16-Lead SOIC package. Pin 14 is Reserved for Future Use (RFU). No device internal signal is currently connected to the package connector, but there is potential future use of the connector for a signal. It is recommended to not use RFU connectors for PCB routing channels, so that the PCB may take advantage of future enhanced features in compatible footprint devices.