syspm Driver Functions Cause Incorrect RAM Trim Values – KBA228860

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    Translation - Japanese: syspmドライバー関数が原因でRAMトリム値が正しくない - KBA228860 - Community Translated (JA)



    The following functions set incorrect values for RAM trim:

    • Cy_SysPm_LdoSetVoltage()
    • Cy_SysPm_BuckEnable()
    • Cy_SysPm_BuckSetVoltage1()

    What are the causes and how do I correct them?



    There is a defect in the cy_syspm.c source code file. After calling Cy_SysPm_LdoSetVoltage(), Cy_SysPm_BuckEnable(), or Cy_SysPm_BuckSetVoltage1(), the RAM trim is set with an incorrect value. This can potentially cause hard faults.



    Update the CPUSS_TRIM_RAM_CTL register value each time after calling the Cy_SysPm_LdoSetVoltage(), Cy_SysPm_BuckEnable(), and Cy_SysPm_BuckSetVoltage1() functions (could be in the main.c file):

    For ULP (0.9 V):

    CPUSS_TRIM_RAM_CTL = 0x6012

    For LP (1.1 V):

    CPUSS_TRIM_RAM_CTL = 0x4013


    The problem has been addressed in version 4.40 of the syspm driver (psoc6pdl-1.3.1).