BGA Package Difference between 512M and 1G Semper Flash Devices - KBA227835

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    Translation - Japanese: 512Mbitと1GbitのSemperFlashのBGAパッケージの違い - KBA227835- Community Translated (JA)



    What is the difference between 512M and 1G Semper Flash BGA packages?



    Cypress’ 512M Serial NOR Flash devices (current generation and Semper Flash) support standard 24-ball BGA package. These devices have monolithic die which can fit in a 6mm x 8mm BGA package.

    Now, Cypress has introduced the 1G Semper Flash devices with monolithic die. Because of the higher density, 1G monolithic die does not fit into standard 6mm x 8mm Serial NOR 24-ball BGA packages. Therefore, Cypress has introduced a new 8mm x 8mm 24-ball BGA package. As shown in Figure 1, wider BGA-24 package has identical ball placement and signal assignment compared to the 6mm x 8mm 24-ball BGA package, which is compatible with existing boards and enables 1Gb to 4Gb for the respective interface (Quad SPI or Octal or HyperBus™) solutions.

    Figure 1. Difference between 512M and 1G BGA Packages (Top View)