RF Testing on Cypress BT Devices - KBA228303

Version 3

    Author: SheetalJ_96           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: Cypress BTデバイスのRFテスト - KBA228303 - Community Translated (JA)

    You can use mbt (<WICED workspace>/wiced_tools/mbt) or wmbt (<WICED workspace>/wiced_tools/wmbt) tools available in WICED SDK for RF testing. You can also use CyBluetool to allow the DUT to enter different modes for regulatory tests. See the attached pdf for more details.


    1. For BLE, you need to put device in HCI mode to accept commands through the UART interface. For classic BT, put the device in Test mode to accept the commands through the RF interface. See the “Test Mode Setup” section in attached document.
    2. MBT uses standard HCI commands; WMBT uses WICED® HCI commands defined by Cypress.