Compound Hub and Embedded Hub Settings in Blaster Plus Utility – KBA228375

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    Translation - Japanese: Blaster Plusユーティリティの複合ハブと埋め込みハブの設定– KBA228375 - Community Translated (JA)



    How should the EMBEDDED_HUB bit and COMPOUND_HUB bit be set according to my HX3 application?



    If the HX3 device has any non-removable devices present on downstream ports and the corresponding REMOVABLE_PORTS bit has been set to ‘0’, the COMPOUND_HUB bit should be set to ‘1’ in Blaster Plus Utility. This is required for Enhanced Hub Device Descriptors to come up properly on the host.


    The EMBEDDED_HUB bit should be set to ‘1’ when HX3 is always connected to host i.e., to an embedded upstream port. In that case, the hub does not consider the VBUS on VBUS_US pin for connect detection.


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