Using FLL to Generate Clock for USB - KBA228368

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    Translation - Japanese:  PSoC 6 MCU で FLL を使用して USB 用のクロックを生成する方法 - KBA228368 - Community Translated (JA)



    What are the manual settings required to generate a clock of 48 MHz and accuracy of +/-0.25% for USB operation using FLL, for PSoC 6 MCU?


    Do the following:

    1. In the Workspace Explorer, click on the Clock section under Design Wide Resource.

    Figure 1. Step 1 and Step 2


    2. Under the Clocks tab, click Edit Clock as shown in Figure 1. The Configure System Clocks window appears.


    3. On the Configure System Clock window, click on the FLL/PLL tab. In PathMux0, select the source for FLL as IMO (8 MHz), and then  click on the check box for FLL to enable it.


    Figure 2. Step 3 and Step 4


    4. Click on the ellipsis (‘…’) to configure the FLL.



    5. In the Configure FLL dialogue, enable the manual section and make the following settings:


    Figure 3. Step 5

      • Multiplier(1-262143): 1728
      • Reference(1-8191): 144
      • Clock tolerance(0-511): 2

    After these settings are made, the output of FLL will be a 48 MHz clock with an accuracy of +/-0.2% .

    Note: To set the clock frequency to 96 MHz (with an accuracy of +/- 0.2%), set the parameters as follows:

      • Multiplier (1-262143): 1728
      • Reference (1-8191): 72
      • Clock tolerance (0-511): 2


    6. For PSoC 6 MCU, CLK_HF[3] is the root clock for USB communication. Under the High Frequency Clock, select Path0 (48MHz), This means that the FLL clock is configured as the source of Clk_HF3 as shown in Figure 4.


    Figure 4. Step 6


    For more details on calculation of the parameters in the manual settings, see the “Configure FLL” section of the PSoC 6 Architecture TRM .