Community Translations - FAQs

Version 1

    We appreciate for your continued interest with Cypress Products !

    Thanks for choosing to translate for the community !


    This document tries to list the FAQs when translating collaterals for the community.




    Should the attachments be translated?

    No. Attachments need not be translated.


    Can I translate multiple KBAs?

      Yes. Multiple content can be translated.

      Please acknowledge as a response in the thread you are planning to translate to avoid redundant work.


    Can the titles be translated?

    Yes. Titles can be translated.


    Can the table contents be translated?

    Yes. Table contents can be translated.


      Can the figure titles be translated?

      Yes. Figure titles can be translated.


    What does the status indicate?

    Status is to track the progress of the translation.

    When a new translation is posted - Status is Open

    When a community contributor picks the KBA for translation, the status is Claimed.

    When the contributor completes the translation, Status is Translated

    When the translated content is published in Community, Status is Published.


    Can I translate any KBA i want from the community?

    It is a good idea to translate the Open KBAs from the above list to avoid redundant work.


    How are the list of KBAs selected for translation?

    There are 2 major criteria to make to the list

        Most viewed KBAs by community users

        KBAs that are not translated by other internal and external users


    How much points will be awarded?

    Points will be awarded as per the content translated. More details in the table above


    When will the points be awarded?

    Once the translated content is submitted, then the points will be added to your profile in one week.


    Can I translate to languages other than Japanese/Chinese?

    Please mention your interest to translate to other languages as response. We will review and get back to you.