Minimum BT Audio Latency with A2DP - KBA228264

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    Author: SheetalJ_96           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: A2DPを使用したBT オーディオの最小レイテンシ- KBA228264 - Community Translated (JA)


    BT audio latency depends on many parameters like buffering on both source and sink sides, time required for PCM signals to playout, etc. The jitter buffer can be lowered to 4.1 KB to give a 50-ms latency, but this comes with a cost of reduced audio quality. Therefore, in WICED, the jitter buffer is set to 116 ms to avoid music interruptions caused by Wi-Fi and other radio sources. Setting it below 60 ms will cause the buffer to overrun, a condition in which the buffer is fed with data at a slower rate than required, resulting in loss of audio.